Voizdev hosts an IW4x Trickshot Lobby. To join you can either look for it in the server list or you can connect directly by typing /connect in the console. The server has been live for over 4 years. Beginning in 2018, it was started as a private server for friends. Soon after opening to the public the server started gaining regulars and a community started to form around this lobby. Because of the traffic we created the staff team to moderate the server. Our team is devoted to keeping the server friendly and enjoyable to play for everyone.

We have created a discord server for the lobby
Join Here [voizdev.com] IW4x

In here people are reported to the administrators and moderators. Also map rotations are discussed as well as any other changes coming to the sever. Make sure you join if you want to stay updated on the server.

Staff Team

Voizdev Private Matcher blhury Xikov SahBabii AceNukaaah
slinks KIO Left Nova Enzo abacusello
RatchetBooty Gud Fatbird FARGO Jesus Toes
snusnu owvn wrizh Skeeted Vapor de OG
Uhh Panda Adore n1lt twtr Outragge L7 Nick
axil Squirtles ttv.Nexrie WhosJinx

Our moderation team is always open for new applicants. If you think you would be a good fit contact jack#2737 (a.k.a. Private Matcher) on discord to be considered for the position.

Current Map Rotation:

  1. Terminal
  2. Derail
  3. Highrise
  4. Underpass
  5. Scrapyard
  6. Karachi
  7. Rundown
  8. Favela

We will be updating the map rotation every so often. Discussion will happen in the discord, so make sure you have joined to be part of it.

→ Click Here for IW4MAdmin Webfront ←

All available server commands can be shown by clicking the below button.