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Myself and some friends of mine have created a discord community of players who enjoy talking and playing with eachother everyday. We play a variety of PC games from PUBG to Minecraft to MW2 to Deceit. We are always encouraging new members to join in and be active. We are currently over 1.6K members strong and a lot of them all get to know eachother and come back everyday again and again. Our goal is to create an environment where people can hang out and play games without judgement and just have fun. Anyone is welcome to join the server. We occasionally stream and make videos. Links to our content can be found below.

Hope to see you there! - Voizdev


  1. No NSFW content
  2. Respect eachother especialy the mods
  3. No Spamming
  4. Only link to third party websites in the appropriate chat (#funny-shit , #worth-looking-at, #streams, #music)
  5. Use the appropriate chat for what you say
  6. Only link your discord server in the #server-advert channel
  7. No playing music over your mic
  8. You must have a typable name. (If you don't ask a mod to nickname you)
  9. Shit talking will happen, but harassment is not tolerated. There is a difference.
  10. No soliciting cheats or hacks in any chat or direct messages with any server member
  11. To ask for help @Tech Support. Please do not @Moderator
  12. Do not be obnoxious or you will be delt with :)


Everyone in the discord server should fall into one of the five main roles. When you join, you will automatically be assigned to random. We also have specific roles for games so it is easier to find people who play a specific game. To be assigned one of these roles you can message a moderator. There are roles associated with what region you are in (NA, EU, OCE, ASIA) and you can assign them youself. In addition to that we have roles for content creators and the original members who started the server.

Main Roles

  • VIP Squad
  • Confirmed Squad
  • Active Squad
  • General Squad
  • Random

Additional Roles

Moderator COD Squad
Streamer PUBG Squad
Content Creator EFT Squad
OG Squad BO4 Squad
Tech Support MW2 Squad
IRL MC Squad
DJ R6S Squad

You can assign yourself to a region by using a command in the #assign-roles chat located in the main text channels category in the discord. Currently we have four regions (NA, EU, OCE, and ASIA). If these do not include you let Voizdev#6386 know and region can be made.

Usage: -NA (would set you to the NA region)

You can assign yourself to a game by using a command in the #assign-roles chat located in the main text channels category in the discord. Currently we have games such as PUBG, MW, Minecraft, Fortnite, and BO4. To see a list of game roles only type -role without a role after it.

Usage: -role PUBG (would give you the PUBG Squad role)

Community Members

    Server Staff

    • Owner
    • Voizdev#6386
    • Moderators
    • slappypants#1389
    • AGamingTroll#4092
    • NO_Hacks_Here#1723
    • FuZz Courage#9110


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    ez M3AT Digiphoenix
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    HybridCake Klynical
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