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Voizdev is most well known for the Discord server he created, now consisting of over seventeen hundred members, where people come together from all over the world every day to play games and talk to each other, creating friendships and learning new things in the process. Voizdev is also known through his YouTube channel where he posts tutorial videos explaining server configuration and other computer related how-to videos. Voizdev is the administrator of various services consisting of but not limited to: Call of Duty game servers modded and running with custom scripts, and various modded and vanilla Mincraft game servers offering a wide range of ways to experience the game. His social media links are below.

Voizdev hosts an IW4x Trickshot Lobby that has been live for over 4 years. Beginning in 2018, it was started as a private server for friends. Soon after the server opened to the public it started gaining regulars and a community started to form around this lobby. Since its start the lobby as seen over 50,000 unique clients join.

TQMC is a no rules anarchy survival server that was started at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. The server gives players the freedom to experience Minecraft the way the original developers intended. A community has since been formed and various groups exist to both cooperate and fight for control of the server. Since the server launched in March of 2020 it has seen over 10,000 unique players without any map resets.

QuarantineCoin is a decentralized peer to peer cryptocurrency created for a Minecraft server and its community. QuarantineCoin is a fork of Litecoin's source code created by Voizdev so he could gain a deeper understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they function. This project has no goal and will not be maintained.

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Discord: Voizdev#6386
Twitter: @voizdev

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